SO? is a design and research based studio practicing architecture and urbanism, founded in 2007 by Sevince Bayrak and Oral Göktaş. Sevince Bayrak graduated from ITU as an architect in 2005 where she is a PhD candidate now. She was at Westminster University in fall 2010 for her PhD research. Oral Göktaş received an M.Arch degree from ITU in 2009 where he also had a bachelor’s degree in 2005. He attended several design studios at different universities both as a visiting critic and a lecturer. After having worked in several offices in Istanbul and Santiago de Chile, together they founded SO? in 2007. Based in Istanbul, SO? is involved in projects with different types and scales. Sky Spotting Stop is a project designed by SO? Architecture and Ideas for İstanbul Modern YAP 2013. All images and texts on this site are copyright SO? Architecture and Ideas unless otherwise noted.

This site is designed by Başar Uğur.

Project: Sevince Bayrak, Oral Göktaş

Team: Gerd Holgersson, Sevinç Yüksel, Emre Üngör

3D Video Editing: Mahmut Özdericioğlu

Coastal Engineering Consultant: Assos. Prof. Emre Otay

Statical Engineering Consultant: Prof. Oğuz Cem Çelik

Planting Consultant: Ceyda Özbilen, Eda Ekim

Lighting Fixtures Sponsor: Moonlight-Heper

Making Of Video: Ouchhh

Final Project Video: Ali Vatansever

Special Thanks
Arzu Erdem, Selen Bayrak, Merih Yazıcı, Arda İnceoğlu, Meryem Bayrak, Tunay Bayrak , Semiramis Uyar, H.Turgut Uyar, Lütfiye Moral, Başar Uğur, A.Merih Koçum, İlker Aksoy, Alişan Çırakoğlu, Altuğ Çırakoğlu, Mehmet Kanal, Ilgın Avcı, Necdet Kılıçaslan, Mustafa Oğuz, Can Fırat Kul, Esma Adıgüzel, Işıl Ünal